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Beluga CRX 2G

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Beluga CRX 2G

Easy Rider builds this innovative paddle-float rescue system into every CR-kayak.

Easy Rider offers just the right size Downwind Spinnaker Sail for any size kayak or canoe.
An Airfoil Sail transforms the sporty Beluga CRX into an enjoyable sailer. When not in use, the Spinnaker stows neatly underneath the elastic deck tie-downs.

Beluga CRX 2G is a CR-kayak offering amazing modular versatility. Discover kayak sailing! Add an Outrigger and Airfoil Sail to this double kayak, and you have a high-performance sailing craft with the driving power to impress big-boat sailors... The rig is seaworthy, sporty, easily controlled by its foot rudder, and it’s lots of fun.

A Boat with a Choice...
Beluga CRX 2G incorporates the innovative CR-System, the basis for our popular Catamaran, Outrigger, and Sailing options.
The modular design concept provides incredible flexibility & versatility.