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Beluga CRX 2G

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The learning time to sail Easy Rider kayaks is very rapid, because the controls are easy to use and sensibly placed.

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Beluga CRX 2G

John Wiorkowski, Texas
"We first paddled a sea kayak two years ago on a cruise to Alaska to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. Both my wife and I were immediately taken by the combination of moderate exercise, safe adventure, environmental friendliness, and closeness to nature provided by sea kayaking.
I wanted to buy a two-seater which was easy to handle, both in and off the water and which would be comfortable and safe on the large man-made lakes surrounding Dallas, Texas.
I bought several magazines and talked to several dealers, but I wasn't really satisfied till I talked to Peter and the Easy Rider staff who helped us home in on a Beluga CRX. In addition to the basic sea kayak, I ordered an outrigger (it gets awfully windy on Texan lakes), a mount for an electric trolling motor and two spinnaker sails. Peter also suggested rigging the kayak for an Airfoil Sail in case I wanted one in the future.
The sea kayak arrived in good time and in good condition, and the learning curve for using it has been rapid -- the controls are easy to use and sensibly placed.
We immediately saw the advantage of the Spinnaker Sails which allowed us to just cruise with the wind at our backs. The electric trolling motor came in handy on a few of our trips and took us a little farther than would have been comfortable if we had to paddle all the way. And within two months Peter's prudence in rigging the kayak for an Airfoil Sail was apparent, and I ordered one.
From the quality of the kayak, the versatility the company has added to it, the safety the outriggers afford, and Easy Rider's courteous and informative help, I have been totally satisfied with my introduction to this marvelous sport."