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CR-Catamaran System
The catamaran feature opens new horizons and adds new dimensions to the exciting world of sea kayaking. With two Easy Rider CR-kayaks (any combination of sizes) paddlers have the foundation for our exclusive Catamaran System. Special engineered deck moldings allow for the secure attachment of catamaran poles. In a matter of minutes, the poles attach, and two individual kayaks convert into one catamaran. The structural integrity of this system has been proven on expeditions worldwide.
Why Catamaran?
Companionship. Catamarans offer the best of all possible combinations: they are the most social double seaters with side-by-side paddling, and they disassemble in minutes to give kayakers back the freedom and flexibility of paddling singles.
Safety & seaworthiness. When crossing rough or open stretches of water, catamarans offer incredible stability.
Fun & games. A catamaran is a stable platform for scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, fishing, sunbathing... A soft trampoline provides a convenient storage area for scuba gear, fishing tackle... A rigid platform can be placed on the soft trampoline, creating a solid base for passengers.
Sailing. Our sailing catamarans respond to the slightest puff of air and can reach speeds in the teens.

Item #
Catamaran Parts for Kayaks
Catamaran Parts, 7 ft. Double-Pole System
Catamaran Parts, 7 ft. Triple-Pole System
Catamaran Parts, 7 ft. 4-Pole System (Harpoons)
Take-A-Part Feature for Outrigger/Catamaran Pole
To link two CR-kayaks (2 poles), incl. 2 Boat Preps. #2045
To link two CR-kayaks (3 poles), incl. 2 Boat Preps. #2046
To link two CR-Harpoons (4 poles), incl. 2 Boat Preps. #2037
Take-A-Part poles stow easily inside kayak, price per pole
Boat Preps: Outrigger/Catamaran Preps.
2G Prep. Outrigger/Catamaran System
3G Prep. Outrigger/Catamaran System
4G Prep. Outrigger/Catamaran System
4 stainless steel plates installed, for Double-Pole System
6 stainless steel plates installed, for Triple-Pole System
8 stainless steel plates installed, for Four-Pole System

Outrigger/Catamaran Preps.
The factory installation of stainless-steel plates under the boat deck, for outrigger or catamaran-pole attachment. These Boat Preps. are available factory installed only.
Customers who intend to purchase an Easy Rider Outrigger or Catamaran System at a later date, are encouraged to order their CR-kayaks with the necessary Boat Preps. This is especially important if they do not live within driving distance to our factory. Prep. costs will be deducted from the price of the entire item at the time of purchase.

Trampoline for Catamaran Systems
Trampoline, for 58" Pole Spacing Storage area for paddles, dry bags, fishing tackle...
Rigid Platform & Motor Mounts
Rigid Platform, 20" X 56", Wood, f. 58" Pole Spacing
Motor/Cargo Platform, Wood, for 58" Pole Spacing
Motor Mount, 14" X 36", Wood, for 30" Pole Spacing
For CR-kayaks & canoes, for cargo, swimming, fishing...
For single CR-kayaks, requires 2G Prep. center position
For 3G single CR-kayaks, requires 2G Prep. stern position
NOTE: Use the Rigid Platform #2208W in combination with our soft trampoline. Place it on top of a trampoline in between the outrigger poles -- it'll stay firmly in place.