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Imagine being able to paddle with comfort in a big open cockpit; go out on serious seacruising trips using an optional hardtop cover; row with a sliding seat for fun and exercise; sail with our light-weight stow-away Spinnaker Sail; or, sail Polynesian-style with Outrigger and high-performance Airfoil Sail. All this is possible in our Multi-Use Cormorant. And conversion between modes is easy.

Catalogs & video present detailed information on this model and its many options.

Cormorant CR 2G - Sailing
Multi-Use Single Seater: Rowing - Paddling - Sailing
Outrigger, Catamaran, and Sailing Options

Cormorant CR 2G doubles as a fast and seaworthy sailer.
It can be rigged with an Airfoil Sail and one or two Outriggers. Switching between rowing, paddling, and sailing modes takes but minutes.

Suggested Outfitting:
#2003 Airfoil Sail 32 sq. ft.
#2005 Leeboard Large
#2032 Outrigger 10 ft. HV
#2039 Outrigger Parts
#2051 Trampoline

Suggested Outfitting:
#2003 Airfoil Sail 32 sq. ft.
#2005 Leeboard Large
#2030 Two Outriggers 8 ft. HHV
#2040 Outrigger Parts
#2051 Trampoline

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