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Cub Scout
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Cub Scout can be customized with glass-bottom viewing window #0100.

Cub Scout comes with our removable Folding Cane Seat
#2614 providing a second paddler with a comfortable seat.

Catalogs & video present detailed information on this model and its many options.

Cub Scout
It's easy to get back in after a swim...
It floats any way you turn it, even upside down.

Canoe & Kayak Magazine Test Report
"In a 10- to 12-knot breeze, the Cub Scout paddles well in all directions and is extremely easy to handle with a kayak paddle.

Surprisingly, given its width, this boat was one of the fastest sit-on-top kayaks tested.
Cub Scout can be customized for remarkably varied purposes with its sliding rowing seat option, oar locks, a motor mount, a sail rig with outrigger, and a glass-bottom viewing window.
The Cub Scout is suitable for safe family fun and is at its best poking around lakes, inlets, and quiet bays and serving as an unsinkable fishing boat or dinghy for larger craft.
The Cub Scout should hold greatest appeal for the individual who is inclined to make a long-term investment in quality and appreciates a versatile, distinctive, and nicely crafted boat."

It can be rowed like a dinghy, or converts into a rowing trainer with a sliding seat assembly.