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"Last Sunday, four of us went up to Fish Lake in the Cascades and tried out my new Dolphin. What a dream! I don't know what I like most: the light weight, stability, tracking, speed, or the beautiful lines. Guess I like them all."
Lolly Skillman, Oregon

"As a biologist for the Seattle Aquarium, I used the Dolphin extensively for my research on the beachings of the Giant Pacific Octopus. During the 1981 ferry strike, I even paddled to work from my home across Puget Sound... I guess it is the Dolphin's simplicity of design, light weight, and versatility in different conditions that make it the boat that gets used so often. It is equally at home on glassy lakes, in howling whitecaps, or in thrashing tide rips.”
John E., Bainbridge Is.,WA

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Dolphin E
Field-Proven All-Around Performer
Fast - Stable - Maneuverable - Lightweight

Weight, Custom Glass
Weight, Kevlar®/Graphite
Weight, All-Graphite
300 lbs.
42 lbs.
34 lbs.
28 lbs.

outfitting of this model
16" X 35.5"

The one boat that has done more than any other in introducing new paddlers to seacruising? The answer: Easy Rider's medium-sized Dolphin E.

This kayak was designed for saltwater, lakes, and rivers -- it handles whitewater remarkably well. Known to be the most maneuverable sea kayak available, the Dolphin is a natural choice for exploring estuaries, narrow winding rivers, and trips involving some whitewater.
Dolphin is a very fast kayak, comfortable, roomy, and stable. With its 300-pound capacity, it also carries a large person comfortably.
This is a great little boat for a relaxing evening paddle, a vigorous workout, or a short vacation. Dolphin is an all-time favorite with paddlers of all ages who appreciate its handy size and light weight.

  • At 42 pounds in high-quality fiberglass, Dolphin shines next to heavy plastic singles.
  • At 34 pounds in Kevlar®/Graphite, it meets the needs of women & senior paddlers.
  • And the 28-pound All-Graphite Dolphin E is the choice of paddling connoisseurs.
Inside Passage By Kayak...
A 1200-mile round trip
from Seattle to Ketchikan and back
" ... Approaching the Locks in Seattle on September 22, 1981, friends, family, and the media came into view. What could we say to them? We had seen the world as few people take the opportunity to... sitting in a kayak under a night sky streaked red from the aurora borealis or floating above the stars in the water... Our four Dolphin kayaks performed exceptionally well on this exciting adventure."
               Mark Billington, Washington