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Dolphin E

Terri Hartley, Washington
"I purchased my Dolphin to compete in the 'Ridge to River' race, a multi-sport race held in Wenatchee, Washington. This boat is perfectly designed for races involving a kayak leg. I've negotiated up to class III whitewater in mine. In open Puget Sound waters, 'we' have won 'The Great Cross Sound Race' (sea kayak division) four times.
The Dolphin's best feature is its versatility: it handles all conditions well. I've taken my kayak on almost every summer vacation, from the surf of Mendocino to the Athabasca River in Jasper, from the San Juan Islands to the Salmon River. I love it!"

Caroline Garland, Washington

"Every time I get to the beach, grown men start getting a little fidgety wondering who will be the first to offer some assistence to the nice little gray-haired woman unloading her kayak. Before anyone can make a move, I lift up my Dolphin and walk to the beach. This really gets attention! More people come up to me to ask about this kayak and to see if I am a senior power lifter! The graphite was the right choice for me.
Having the freedom to get out on the water on my own will keep me feeling young and very happy. I have already gotten some great photos of birds and water lilies for use in painting in my studio this winter. At the age of 61, I am looking forward to kayaking for the rest of my life..."

Paul Ratte, Billings, Montana

"The Dolphin arrived in Billings in good condition and is everything I wanted. My first run on moving water was on the 22-mile stretch of the Yellowstone River during the 'PEAKS to PRAIRIE' run-bike-paddle marathon... The river is low at this time of year, you have to change course fast!
Last July, my Dolphin and I participated in a 14-mile race on the Yellowstone River and won a gold medal in the Master Men's downriver kayak division..."

Mark Hewitt, President
Tillicum Village Northwest Coast Indian Cultural Center, Washington
"Of the many boats I have owned and operated, one is unique. The Easy Rider kayak I purchased about a quarter of a century ago has endeared itself to me by providing decades of service and fun without costing another penny. I have used it to play on Puget Sound, commute between West Seattle and my business on Blake Island, and as a marvelous way to explore Northwestern lakes.
After years and years of rugged use and abuse, my Easy Rider Dolphin still works just as well as the day I brought it home. It is probably the most successful major purchase I ever made. Thank you for building an incredible product that has provided me with years of delight."