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Dolphin CRX 2G
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Dolphin CRX 2G

Add a Spinnaker
Sail and take
advantage of
the wind...

Spinnaker sailing
in Uzbek, Russia

A large stern hatch accommodates small passengers.

Safety Outrigger
A confidence booster for novice paddlers and a
great safety feature

Dolphin CRX 2G can be linked with another CR-Kayak to create a very versatile catamaran rig.

A catamaran is a stable platform for Spinnaker or Airfoil Sailing.
Our exclusive leeboards attach to the
ends of the catamaran poles, and the
rig can run with the wind, make broad reaches, even tack into the wind.

This kayak grows with your interests! With the innovative CR-feature add our: Outrigger/Catamaran Systems, Airfoil Sails or Spinnaker Sails. Conversion from a kayak to an outrigger, catamaran, or sail craft takes but a few minutes. The Dolphin CRX 2G can be linked with any single or double CR-kayak.