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Dolphin CRX 2G
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Dolphin CRX 2G

Jim Frain, U.S. Virgin Islands

"I've been very happy with my Dolphin CRX. I've been around sailboats all my life, have just moved off my live-aboard sailing trimaran and decided on a bit more elemental water activity. I find the world of self-propelled craft very exciting and especially like the CRX's ability to double as a sporty outrigger sailer.
As a marketing executive myself, I have seen very few companies that have revolutionized their product category like you have. With your outriggers and sails, and catamaran flexibility, a broad spectrum of customers can enjoy the water.
Thanks for your wonderful products and personal service."

Shelley Sundgren, Washington
"My Dolphin gives me the portability, maneuverability, and storage space I need for trips I have been dreaming of: class II rivers in the wilderness of Alaska's Brooks Range, the Stikene River as it flows through the British Columbia coastal mountains, or the Queen Charlotte Islands. My Dolphin has been to the Soviet Union, and next year it's heading for Alaska."

Diana Hokenson, Washington
"My Dolphin CRX, with Outrigger and Airfoil Sail Rig, enables me to fly across the water like a seagull... I can go wherever I choose to."

Bernhard Lochmann, Oklahoma
"I was so nervous after I had ordered my kayak/sail/outrigger package sight unseen, the first time ever I had done something like that. Last weekend, the kayak was delivered, and I am so pleased! It’s even better than I had hoped it would be.
Thank you for having designed such a fantastic fun machine with ‘German quality’, commitment, and excellence,which adds to the enjoyment and freedom of my retirement life... Your boat’s multi-operational features are great for tinkerers and adventurers like me... The outrigger option provides an ultra-stable leisure platform for sailing, sunbathing, cloud watching, day-dreaming, listening to music, writing stories, or watching ducks and birds... All the parts fit together with precision -- a delight for an engineer like me... The wind forces causing stresses in mast and outrigger poles are unknown, complex and unpredictable. But you have created a lightweight design that is strong enough to flex with the elements... I’ve no idea how you have figured it out. I guess it is pure genius, intuition and many years of experience.”