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“... By taking advantage of the ever-blowing Tradewinds and our lightweight Spinnaker Sails, in combination with leeboards, we covered most distances under sail..."
Peter & Barbara Kaupat

Package as shown includes:
#2041 Catamaran Parts
#2051 Trampoline
#1902 2 Downwind Spinnakers
#1910 2 Leeboards Medium
#1520 Sea Anchor, foldable

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Eskimo 15 CRX 3G Take-A-Part
3-Piece Take-A-Part... for Travel & Easy Storage
Also Available in a 1-Piece Version
Weight, Kevlar®/Graphite
300 lbs.
50 lbs.
Bow Hatch
Stern Hatch
outfitting of this model
16" X 35.5"
10" X 18.5"
13" X 19”

Bow Section:
Center Section:
Stern Section:
Length 55"
Length 58"
Length 67"
Width 18.25"
Width 24.25"
Width 24.25"
Height 12"
Height 12"
Height 11"

The compact Eskimo 15 Take-A-Part was designed by Peter Kaupat, because he personally wanted a boat he could take to remote areas not frequented by tourist traffic.

To reach hidden exotic destinations, it is practical to travel with a Take-A-Part kayak as small as possible. In minutes, the Take-A-Part Eskimo 15 metamorphoses from a superb hardshell kayak into three pieces... Stuff the pieces with food and equipment and they become one's luggage for accessing any corner of the world.
Put them on a commercial jet, commuter plane, the smallest bush plane or helicopter, aboard a sailboat or motor yacht, a train, bus, donkey... if you can get there, the Eskimo 15 will make it, too!
This expedition-proven workhorse offers large bow & stern hatches for easy packing and cargo space to pack provisions for extended trips.
Eskimo 15 Take-A-Part provides the same unrestricted leg room as the longer 17-foot Take-A-Part version.
Design, performance & outfitting are identical to the 1-piece version.

“On one of our kayaking adventures to the Tahitian Islands, our boats carried camping gear, food and water, video cameras, scuba equipment... Catamaraned, the kayaks provided a stable platform for swimming, snorkeling and diving, and gave extra safety for open-water crossings...”
Peter & Barbara Kaupat,
Easy Rider Canoe & Kayak Co.