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Eskimo 15 Take-A-Part
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Eskimo 15 CRX 3G (3-Piece Take-A-Part)
Fly your rigid
kayak to far-
away places,
and make
today’s dream tomorrow’s adventure...


Easy Rider’s optional Outrigger and Catamaran Systems provide great stability and extra safety for open-water crossings.


  Easy Rider’s President/Designer, Peter Kaupat, an avid kayak adventurer and photographer, has perfected and refined the Eskimo Take-A-Part kayaks, with the traveler in mind.
These unique boats fit inside small airplanes and can be loaded with gear and checked as luggage aboard most commercial airplanes. They are the choice of high-caliber expedition travelers and professional users who realize that our Take-A-Part kayak program is unmatched.
A Boat with a Choice...
Eskimo 15 CRX 3G incorporates the innovative CR™-System, the basis for our popular Catamaran, Outrigger, and Sailing options.
The modular design concept provides incredible flexibility & versatility.