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“The photos I sent you show me and a friend paddling through pack ice. We could usually paddle through ice up to three centimeters thick without any problem. Our Kevlar® Eskimos are great ice breakers!” Kevin Killilea, AK

Eskimo 15 Take-A-Part... Compact and expedition-

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Eskimo 15 CRX 3G (3-Piece Take-A-Part)

Kevin Killilea, Alaska
"...Siorapaluk in Northwest Greenland at about 77° 45' North is the northernmost village on our planet --
There, the kayak is still used as a work boat. The local Inuit hunt seals and narwhales from their kayaks with hand-thrown harpoons. I plan to return to these polar areas for the next few boreal summers to continue to explore and visit a variety of the old Inuit settlements.
Access to this area is by fixed-wing aircraft or by Bell 212 helicopter. Therefore, a Take-A-Part kayak is ideal for use in this type of region. So when I purchased my 3-piece Eskimo 15, the decision was based on the above-mentioned conditions.
By the way, other friends own your kayaks and are quite happy with the product.
The photos I sent you show me and a friend paddling through pack ice. We could usually paddle through ice up to three centimeters thick without any problem. Our Kevlar® Eskimos are great ice breakers!!! Thicker than that, one needed to break the ice ahead with a spare paddle. Next summer I'll again return to Greenland, and I'll take along an ice axe!!!
As I told you, I plan to participate in a temperature-research project in Antarctica. Two Eskimo 15's catamaraned together will be used as an ice-core drilling platform.
I look forward to many years of using your fine product at both ends of the earth."

Kathy Johnson & Greg Lashbrook, Michigan
"Our Eskimos participated in the 'Finlandia Clean Water Challenge', the longest kayaking race in the world; beginning in Chicago, on to Illinois, crossing the Great Lakes, and ending in New York City.
Our 15-foot and 17-foot Take-A-Part Eskimos were borrowed by a team of paddlers from Russia. The one leg in which they finished first was crossing Lake Michigan, a highly unpredictable lake. By mid morning the seas were building, and by the end of the day there were small-craft warnings. Over half of the competitors were unable to finish the race -- but not our Eskimos! They performed fabulously in the rough conditions and allowed the Russian paddlers to take first place and some very nice prize money for the day!
As you can see, our boats have been put through their paces and, as usual, have come out on top..."

Joan Rutherford, Washington
"My Take-A-Part and I are flying to the Pacific atoll of my dreams. Padded carrying-cases convert my kayak into suitcases I can handle easily -- an advantage to a retired woman traveling alone.
Even before discovering Easy Rider, my dream had been to live on an outer atoll in Micronesia, leaving behind conveniences such as cars and electricity, while gaining the pleasure of warm-water fish, shells, and beaches.
Now I can journey from island to island around the lagoon, with my kayak carrying the camping gear.
With its Kevlar® hull and compact size, it weighs so little I can carry it up the beach by myself. I will be able to wind my way between coral heads and go through shallow channels that stop larger boats.
For maneuvering between coral heads to that 'perfect snorkel spot', I'll use a short bent-shaft canoe paddle. But the Tradewinds blow where I will be, so a lot of the time I'll be leaning back, using the foot-controlled rudder for direction and the Spinnaker for power. My kayak makes everything easier and more fun!"