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Eskimo 15
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Eskimo 15 CRX 3G
--- A big person's day paddler can be a small person's expedition craft! While this boat has attracted the attention of smaller people, it was designed so that large paddlers could also enjoy it. The large cockpit allows paddlers of all sizes easy entry and exit.

Should a wind arise, hoist the featherweight Downwind Spinnaker Sail #1902

Crosswind sailing - Reaching Spinnaker Sail #1902R and Leeboard Assembly #1908

---- Paddle-Float Bag #1506 - Stabilizer for fishing, photography, and deep-water re-entry facilitates easy swimming or snorkeling.

A Boat with a Choice...
Eskimo 15 CRX 3G incorporates the innovative CR™-System, the basis for our popular Catamaran, Outrigger, and Sailing options.
The modular design concept provides incredible flexibility & versatility.