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"To the people who built my custom Kevlar/Graphite Eskimo 16 B: Thank you for making such a fine craft. It takes me places where even canoes can't get to (where I caught and released eight trout); it's fast, even in a stiff wind; it rides magnificently the waves and swells, and the steering is so sensitive that it is now subconscious; the seat is very comfortable, and I appreciate all the adjustment possibilities.
The boat is also the sleekest, most handsome kayak I have seen in Vermont...
And, I can carry it! Thanks for this great sense of freedom.
Brenda Waters, Vermont

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Eskimo 16 B

Fast - Stable - Lightweight
The Clean Profile of Ancient Eskimo Kayaks
Weight, Custom Glass
Weight, Kevlar®/Graphite
Weight, All-Graphite
300 lbs.
43 lbs.
38 lbs.
35 lbs.

outfitting of this model
16" X 35.5"

Traditional Lines – Clean Profile – Minimally Equipped...
Easy Rider's lightweight Eskimo B versions in custom glass, Kevlar® or graphite construction are just the ticket for spur-of-the-moment paddling adventures, fun, and exercise.
Getting them off the car and down to the water is a breeze, meaning you will use these kayaks much more than you ever imagined!
Distinctively styled, these are Easy Rider's famous Eskimo kayaks in minimally equipped versions. The first and lasting impression of these boats are the clean, elegant lines and the high-quality construction.



Our minimally equipped Eskimo B versions are popular among paddlers preferring “down-to-the basics” equipment.

The original North American Eskimo kayaks have been tested for thousands of years...
However, our Eskimo B versions, with strikingly simple lines like their ancient counterparts, come with deluxe features not known to paddlers of old: Airex foam deck sandwich reinforcements; adjustable seats & backrests; state-of-the-art, self-centering rudders...

Kevlar® & All-Graphite Constructions: Lighter - stronger - faster
Kevlar and graphite are lightweight and super-strong space-age materials. They allow us to custom build featherweight boats, which are easy to load, unload, and portage. And they reward you with snappy acceleration when you exercise or race. A one-time investment and a boat to be proud of!