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Eskimo 16 CRX 3G

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Eskimo 16 CRX 3G

Large recessed
bow and stern
hatches facilitate
easy packing and unpacking.

Our innovative stern-mounted Safety Outrigger provides tremendous stability. It’s a confidence booster for novice paddlers and the disabled.
It allows for unrestricted use of a kayak paddle.

Eskimo 16 CRX 3G was designed to give the small to medium-sized paddler the feel of a custom kayak. Because of a lower center of gravity, this person enjoys the same degree of stability as a larger paddler in a beamier craft.

A Boat with a Choice...
Eskimo 16 CRX 3G incorporates the innovative CR™-System, the basis for our popular Catamaran, Outrigger, and Sailing options.
The modular design concept provides incredible flexibility & versatility.