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Eskimo 17 Take-A-Part

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Kathy Johnson & Greg Lashbrook, MI
“... We were looking for boats that offered great stability without a compromise in speed -- needed for the long grueling miles of our expeditions...
For 83 days, we paddled over 750 miles through swamps, alligator-infested waters, and the steep, short chop of the Gulf of Mexico. Our Eskimos never leaked one drop of water."

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Eskimo 17 CRX 3G (3-Piece Take-A-Part)

Patti Whitcomb, Maui, Hawaii
Professional sailboarder & international speed sailor

"Aloha, Peter! The kayaking adventure to Palau was a wonder!
The raw, untamed beauty of these tropical islands unfolded day by day... The Expedition 3-Piece kayak was a real joy to live in. The beach assembly and equipment-stowing extravaganza were painless and fast.
I was pleasantly surprised just how much gear and how many gallons of water the boat could hold and still be responsive and easy to maneuver. The bow- and stern-hatched compartments gave refuge to keeping 'the' essential camping equipment dry and secure.
A good number of miles were logged under sail, making the downwind passages delightfully effortless... With kayak in tow, from my bow line, snorkeling was easy, plentiful, and awesome...
A combination of extremely low tides and razor-sharp corals put the Kevlar® to test. An inflatable or folding boat on this trip would have been very dicey. I felt secure in my hard shell regardless of the marine terrain or weather conditions.
Since the majority of my paddling is in open Hawaiian waters, I have spent time in sizeable seas. These rough-water day trips have made me a believer in the kayak's durability, proving itself in storms and rocky beach landings. Channel-crossing between the islands have proved to be major fun, especially under the full moon. And now winter, waves, and whales await... I'll go exploring in my Easy Rider... the water Cadillac... Mahalo!"

John Bauman, Anchorage, Alaska
"The 17-foot Easy Rider Eskimo Take-A-Part has performed superbly on all my expeditions and has withstood the test of time.
I've logged over 4700 miles of open-ocean paddling, including circumnavigating Iceland in the North Atlantic, Tasmania in the Roaring Forties off the coast of Australia, and the Kodiak Island Archipelago in Alaska. The summer of 1996 found me at 80° latitude in the North Atlantic Ocean, maneuvering my Eskimo kayak through the ice-laden, polar-bear-infested waters of Svalbard...
The expedition qualities and handling characteristics of my Take-A-Part are superb. The cargo capacity and large hatches enabled me to haul gear for a four-week journey, without re-supply, along the coast of the Gulf of Alaska.
The seaworthiness of my kayak proved itself on the South Coast of Iceland, when two of us were forced to paddle through the night in storm conditions, spending 22 hours at sea before finding safe waters to land in...
With the aid of the Spinnaker Sail and a 25-knot tail wind, I covered 60 kilometers in a single day along the East Coast of Tasmania.

Past performance of my boat, encountering all the varying ocean/weather conditions, has produced a confidence in my kayak... I can concentrate on the moment at hand, without a thought or worry about the integrity of my craft."