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Peter Kaupat, Easy Rider’s designer, testing the boat’s heavy-weather handling.

Catalogs & video present detailed information on this model and its many options.

Eskimo 17 CRX 3G HV
High-Volume Version of Eskimo 17 CRX 3G
Very Maneuverable, Dry Ride in Heavy Seas

Weight, Custom Glass
Weight, Kevlar®/Graphite
375 lbs.
56 lbs.
51 lbs.
Bow Hatch
Stern Hatch

outfitting of this model
16" X 35.5"
10" X 18.5"
13" X 19”

While maintaining the elegant lines of our famous Eskimo 17 CRX 3G and boasting the same deluxe outfitting, this new sailing-enhanced, high-volume boat features an extra 1.5 inches of hull depth.

It maneuvers very easily and, because it rises with the swells, provides a dry ride whether you are paddling or sailing in heavy seas. As a sailing craft, the hull shape allows for rapid tacking.
Roominess and large cargo capacity make the high-volume Eskimo 17 an excellent choice for large paddlers looking for a high-volume kayak in the 17-foot length. And it provides plenty of foot-room for bulky boots!

A kayak with a choice. Eskimo 17 HV CRX 3G incorporates the innovative CR™-System, the basis for our popular Catamaran, Outrigger, and Sailing options. It comes with all the outfitting and deluxe options of every kayak in the Eskimo CRX 3G series.

Suggested Outfitting of Trimaran Rig:

#2003 Airfoil Sail 32 sq. ft.
#2002 Airfoil Sail 24 sq. ft.
#2005 2 Leeboards Large
#2030 2 Outriggers 8 ft. HHV
#2040 Outrigger Parts
#2051 Trampoline