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Easy Rider’s High-Perfor-mance Sit-On-Top Kayaks
Highly refined designs for playing, touring, and racing. These kayaks offer the surfing manners and quick maneuverability needed to play in big stuff.

Our Eskimo CRX SK models are favorites among paddlers looking for the same performance and handling characteristics of their counterparts, the sit-inside kayak versions.
Eskimo 17 CRX 3G is the
sit-inside version of the Eskimo 17 SK.

Catalogs & video present detailed information on this model and its many options.

Eskimo 17 CRX 3G SK

High-Performance Sit-On-Top Kayak
Outrigger, Catamaran, and Sailing Options
Weight, Custom Glass
Weight, Kevlar®/Graphite
340 lbs.
54 lbs.
49 lbs.
Bow Hatch
Stern Hatch

outfitting of this model
10" X 18.5"
13" X 19”

The Eskimo SK models are the latest offering from Easy Rider's designer, Peter Kaupat, whose elegant designs are legendary...
The lineage of these boats is apparent: they share the same proven hull designs and performance characteristics of the sit-inside Eskimo versions.
They also feature the same self-centering foot rudder and watertight bow and stern cargo hatches. These roomy hatches accommodate bulky camping equipment and fishing or scuba gear.
Our SK designs share the gene pool of all other Easy Rider CR-kayaks and readily transform into high-performance outrigger craft, for paddling, swimming, snorkeling, fishing or sailing.
Finally, use the integral deck-groove system to link two boats together, for catamaran-styled companionship or sailing.

Step up from a slow and heavy plastic boat to one of Easy Rider's speed machines...
Inspired by the fast sit-on-top surf skis used by Australian life guards, Easy Rider's high-performance SK models feature individual foot wells and bucket-seat moldings. This concept minimizes the water entering the cockpit area, usually ignored by paddlers wearing wetsuit booties.
For playing big waves and for eskimo rolling, optional quick-release thigh straps are offered.