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Eskimo 17 CRX 3G

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“With the aid of the Spinnaker Sail and a 25-knot tail wind, I covered 60 kilometers in a single day.”
John Bauman, Alaska

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Eskimo 17 CRX 3G

James Chute, boat tester for CANOE MAGAZINE, writes:
“ ...Eskimo has good initial stability for photography and fishing, while the final stability is just short of phenomenal.
This combination is quite evident when eskimo-rolling: once the boat turns the corner, it fairly leaps to the upright position... I was most impressed by the Eskimo's excellent surfing manners... In this boat, when the seas come from behind, you'll just get a smooth lift with full control. In short, the Eskimo's basic design is that of a forgiving, but fully capable ocean tourer... The Eskimo has one final feature that makes it ideal for ocean touring: it will bring you back home!"

Jim Ratz, Director NOLS, Alaska
“Our trip to the Near Islands in the Aleutians was a great success. I was very happy with the Eskimo. For serious sea kayaking, the Eskimo takes up where other kayaks leave off. Although I was never forced to eskimo-roll during the trip, I did practice some rolls with the boat fully loaded before we started and found it rolled with ease.
The rudder system is well designed and the most reliable I've seen, easy to adjust even while sitting in the cockpit at sea."

Bill Gates, Washington
"We truly enjoy our Eskimo 17 kayaks! Whether traveling separately, catamaraned, or sailing, we can depend upon their sturdiness and stability. On our extended expeditions in Alaska, the large cargo capacity allows us to take whatever we need for comfort. We even bring our favorite extra-large sleeping pillows! The rudder system is clean, smooth and easy to operate. It outclasses any other on the market. In fact, there is nothing about our Eskimo 17's we don't enjoy!"

Kara Berg, Glacier Bay Sea Kayaks, Alaska
“...The lightweight Eskimo 17 combines safety and stability with superior maneuverability and tracking, providing a high-performance sea kayak for those renters who commonly own their own boats... Bow and stern bulkheads allow easy packing of larger items, including the bear-resistant food canisters mandatory in Glacier Bay... We've been extremely happy with how well they've performed as rental boats, withstanding the rigors of daily use during a 180-day season, but more important, we're pleased with how much our clients have enjoyed paddling them in Glacier Bay..."

Kathy Johnson & Greg Lashbrook, Michigan
“Our Eskimos participated in the 'Finlandia Clean Water Challenge', the longest kayaking race in the world; beginning in Chicago, on to Illinois, crossing the Great Lakes, and ending in New York City.
Our 15-foot and 17-foot kayaks were borrowed by a team of paddlers from Russia. The one leg in which they finished first was crossing Lake Michigan, a highly unpredictable lake. By mid morning the seas were building, and by the end of the day there were small-craft warnings. Over half of the competitors were unable to finish the race -- but not our Eskimos! They performed fabulously in the rough conditions and allowed the Russian paddlers to take first place and some very nice prize money for the day!
As you can see, our boats have been put through their paces and,
as usual, have come out on top..."