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Eskimo 18-6 CRX 3G

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Eskimo 18-6 CRX 3G

Eskimos 16 & 18-6 catamaran rig. Two sails and two leeboards are on
the Eskimo 18-6.

Take a family member or friend for a ride on the outrigger platform.

Easy Rider builds an innovative rescue system into every
  Reaching Spinnaker,
a pocket-sized airfoil sail. Sail does not interfere with paddling.
Paddle-Float Bag #1506 -- a stabilizer for fishing, photography, and deep-water re-entry.
  The paddle shaft locks precisely and firmly into engineered deck grooves and is secured by quick-disconnect
velcro tie-downs.

A Boat with a Choice...
Eskimo 18-6 CRX 3G incorporates the innovative CR™-System, the basis for our popular Catamaran, Outrigger, and Sailing options.
The modular design concept provides incredible flexibility & versatility.