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Eskimo 18-6 CRX 3G

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“... As we say in Maui, this boat is 'No Ka Oi' (the best)...”
Richard Roshon, Maui, HI

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Eskimo 18-6 CRX 3G

The South American Expedition, Benjamin Wade, California

"I knew from the moment I saw the ominous clouds on the horizon that I was in for a grueling day. Little did I know that Hurricane Hernan was a scant 200 miles south of where I paddled, along the western coast of Mexico.
For the next four hours, I battled 30-foot waves. My kayak held fast, without ever capsizing or swamping. The Outrigger took on each wave with a vigor that even I could not have mustered... I marveled at the structure, durability, and strength of my Easy Rider. The trip I took on was from San Felipe (Baja, CA) to Punta Charambira (Colombia, S. America)... six months on the ocean and 6000 miles... The way the Eskimo 18-6 CRX 3G handled and turned in some of the fiercest conditions never ceased to amaze me."

Don Peckham, Mt. Pleasant Canoe & Kayak, Maine
"If I were 65 pounds lighter, there might be other choices, but with my build and my needs for professional sea kayaking, there is no other kayak as good as your Eskimo 18-6, period! In fact, I think there is no other kayak as good as this one, anywhere, anytime..."

Richard Roshon, Maui, HI - Ocean & Humpback Whale Studies
"In my opinion, the most seaworthy kayak built today is the Eskimo 18-6. My Eskimo loaded with approximately 200 pounds of gear has taken me across the Alenuihala Channel (between Maui and Hawaii) in a 15- to 20-knot wind, two- meter seas, holding course and comfortable even after ten strenuous hours of saltwater slapping me in the face. As we say in Maui, this boat is 'No Ka Oi' (the best).
My winter work is studying and photographing the humpback whale. For five months I spend an average of six to eight hours daily in my boat, and comfort is a priority. The adjustable backrest allows perfect posture. A feature I don't seem to find in other boats are large hatches for storage fore and aft.
Spending the majority of my life at sea and living here in Hawaii, I have learned to accept the challenges that Mother Nature throws at me... The Eskimo gives me the feeling of strength and confidence. With its slight keel and a pronounced bow, I am able to punch through breaking waves and hold course. Paddling around the Hawaiian Islands, safety is number one. Paddling a stable, durable kayak gives me the security to go along with my skill to handle the inter-island passages."

Thomas Rockey, Minnesota
"I want to tell you how pleased I am with my new Eskimo 18-6. The boat fits my needs as though it had been made especially for me. It is stable and dry in windy and wavy conditions.
I guess the feature that I like most and that is in stark contrast with the British kayak I had is the high-volume bow. My old boat would bury its bow if the waves were coming from behind and then broach, a disconcerting experience. In the Eskimo 18-6, I am in full control regardless of the direction of wind and waves. And this is a first-quality boat!
I can only praise its speed, safety, handling, and sheer beauty. The rear hatch is large enough to accept my German button accordion. One afternoon I sat out in the middle of this beautiful wilderness lake in the Boundary Waters and played under a glorious, cloudless blue sky. It just doesn't get any better than that!"