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2-Piece Version:
The sections (11’3”) can be easily handled by one person. They fit on small cars and stow easily.

Suggested Outfitting:
#2033 12.5 ft. Outrigger
#2039 Outrigger Parts
#2003 Airfoil Sail 32 sq. ft.
#2002 Airfoil Sail 24 sq. ft.
#2005 2 Leeboards Large
#2052 Trampoline

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Eskimo 22-6 CRX 3G Take-A-Part
High-Capacity Performance Double: 2-Piece Version
Starship of Easy Rider’s Eskimo Fleet

Weight, Custom Glass
Weight, Kevlar®/Graphite
950 lbs.
98 lbs.
88 lbs.
Bow Hatch
Center Hatch
Stern Hatch
outfitting of this model
16" X 35.5"
10" X 18.5"
10.25" X 19.5”
14.5" X 22”

A new standard in double sea kayaks! Cruising efficiency, storage capacity, versatility, safety features, and, above else, style. The Eskimo 22-6 CRX 3G has it all! Its luxury and outstanding performance will make you forget that you are actually sitting in a sea kayak... Also available in a 4-Piece Take-A-Part Version.
Uncompromising -- the word personifies Easy Rider's state-of-the-art
Eskimo 22-6. Manufactured in two-piece or four-piece models, the Eskimo double kayaks offer uncompromising:
Performance. At 22 feet 6 inches long, these are the sleekest doubles available, with a 29-inch beam amidship. No other double can keep pace with this Eskimo. Experts and beginners alike love its speed and responsiveness.
Portability. The two-piece Eskimo assembles and breaks apart at the center in less than five minutes; once apart, it stores easily in the garage and cartops without effort (even on small cars).
Safety. Bulkheads in the bow, stern and center provide unparalleled strength and safety. Because all Easy Rider Take-A-Part kayaks have double bulkheads where the sections are joined, they are even stronger than a one-piece boat.
The Eskimo's expedition Custom Glass or Kevlar®/Graphite hull offers durability a folding kayak can't touch.

Convenience. Large waterproof cargo hatches in the bow, stern, and center make loading and unloading an expedition's worth of supplies quick and easy.
Dry running. Special consideration has been given to the paddling comfort of the bow paddler, who in most double kayaks has to put up with a lot of spray when the going gets rough. The Eskimo 22-6 features a bow section in front of the paddler almost as long as that of the Eskimo 18-6 single and, therefore, assures a dry ride when penetrating big waves. Eskimo 22-6 delights paddlers with its excellent rough-water performance, a feature rarely found in other double kayaks.

Judy Harrison, Publisher CANOE MAGAZINE:
“... I appreciate the cruising efficiency of the 22-6, it allows me to read a book while my husband keeps on paddling... Dave especially likes the fact that his Coleman two-burner camping stove fits into the stern hatch of our Eskimo 22-6. "We bought one! We love it!"