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Designed to challenge bigger waters and longer voyages.
An extra-deep hull supplies great buoyancy and load capacity. It also supplies extra stowage for longer expeditions and an extra-dry ride in big waves and wind. The high load capacity of 450 pounds makes the Harpoon HV a true long-distance tourer.

A performance rig that puts the fun back into sailing!
#2032 Outrigger 10 ft. HV
#2039 Outrigger Parts
#2003 Airfoil Sail Rig 32 sq. ft. #2002 Airfoil Sail Rig 24 sq. ft.
#2005 Two Leeboards Large
#2051 Trampoline

Catalogs & video present detailed information on this model and its many options.

Eskimo 19 CRX 4G Harpoon HV

Polynesian-Styled Expedition Craft
Dry Ride in Heavy Seas

Weight, Kevlar®/Graphite
450 lbs.
60 lbs.
Bow Hatch
Stern Hatch
outfitting of this model
16" X 35.5"
10" X 18.5"
13" X 19”

Harpoon HV is for boaters willing to push kayak sailing and paddling to the limits...
Harpoon HV is the most refined sailing kayak Easy Rider offers.
It is capable of meeting just about any challenge. A distinctly curved keel line makes this boat highly maneuverable. Harpoon HV will satisfy the demands of the expert sailor in search of a high-performance personalized craft, without the burdens associated with a large sailboat.
Based on Polynesian outrigger designs, the sleek Harpoon HV is a touring-honed kayak for the enthusiast who appreciates the speed and efficiency of a high-performance craft. It is extremely fast, seaworthy, and virtually untippable. This boat is designed and constructed for the demands of long-distance voyages under rigorous conditions.
The Harpoon's circular hull cross sections and its lean 20-inch beam guarantee a super-fast hull. The outrigger is a low-drag insurance policy when far from shore.