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Harpoon R

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Designed to challenge bigger waters and
longer voyages...

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Eskimo 19 CRX 4G Harpoon R

Harpoon R – Design Statement
"I enjoy rowing on large bodies of water. And if a southwester builds, it’s comforting to know that my Harpoon R will bring me home...
I designed this elegant boat for rowing enthusiasts who appreciate the speed and efficiency of a competition-caliber hull, yet want to expand their activities from placid waters to challenging lake, river, and saltwater excursions without having to keep a constant eye on the weather.
I wanted to accommodate rowers needing seaworthiness, stability, and cargo capacity for long-distance trips. And I wanted generous bow and stern cargo hatches to make the loading of bulky trip supplies easy.
Harpoon R and the other members of the Harpoon series (TR, HV, and SK models – see pages 32-37 of our KAYAK catalog) all share the same design features of our other CR-kayaks: they incorporate special deck moldings to take advantage of Easy Rider's innovative outrigger, catamaran, and high-performance sailing options."
Peter Kaupat, Pres./Designer