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Harpoon TR

Eskimo 19 CRX 4G Harpoon TR
Self-centering foot-control rudder; quick-adjustable foot pedal with replaceable toe plates; adjustable seat and adjustable backrest; bow and stern hatch assemblies with softtop covers underneath hardtop covers; watertight fiberglass bulkheads; elastic deck tie-downs; paddle-park cleats; paddle-float rescue tie-downs; security eye-strap; compass; deluxe outside seam; deck moldings for Airfoil & Spinnaker Sails and for Outriggers.

The CR™ -System


Easy Rider's exclusive CR™- System is described on
pages 8 through 17 of our KAYAK catalog.

Our 4G Harpoon singles feature two grooves on the forward deck,
one behind the cockpit and a third groove behind the stern hatch.
The 4G System allows for an extra-strong 4-pole Catamaran Rig.