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Harpoon TR

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Rocky Coleman, WA
"Harpoon TR impressed me with its speed and agility... It felt like I was gliding over the water rather than pushing through it.
With the rudder deployed, I found it very easy to track, even in the stiffest wind, and had a very dry ride, in the sharp coastal chop or open-water swells. I hardly needed a spray skirt..."

Catalogs & video present detailed information on this model and its many options.

Eskimo 19 CRX 4G Harpoon TR

Quoted from SEA KAYAKER Magazine, Kayak Review
"The reviewers 'preferred paddling without the rudder, because the boat responded well to leaning' (GL). 'When set on edge, the stern swung around smartly, making tight maneuvering possible... the TR held a straight course without needing to take corrective strokes' (TE)...
The TR is a respectable kayak. It has good speed, tracking and maneuverability. What makes the Eskimo an extraordinary vessel are the outriggers and various configurations for sailing... Overall, the sail rig is a huge success..."
"...Once the leeboards and sails were trimmed for the course I wanted to hold, the kayak would hold the course without having to constantly work the rudder... we roared along, I would guess at in excess of 7 knots. We took on waves to 3.5 feet and winds to 20 miles per hour with ease..."