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Ouzel 15-8

#1903 Downwind Spinnaker Sail for canoes, includes removable mast thwart

Ouzel 15-8

Superior Features...
Expedition-grade Royalex® ABS construction: extra layers along the spine and ribs for rigidity; double skins in bow and stern.
Maintenance-free marine-anodized aluminum gunwales (not plastic or wood). Outer lips of gunwales are very small – won't pinch fingers.
Extra-strong aluminum end caps (black powder coated) with built-in carrying handles; maintenance-free web seats; ash shoulder yoke.
Shallow-V designs – for increased hull stiffness and tracking.

Choose from a wide range of options...
Outfit your boat with center seat, oar locks & 6-foot oars and row it dinghy-style.
Row it with our removable sliding seat – an impressive fitness craft.
Equip it with a spinnaker -- even light puffs of wind send the boat skimming.
Rig it with a performance airfoil sail -- it can reach speeds rivaling regular sailboats.
Attach a motor mount with motor -- it skims efficiently over large tracts of water.
Attach an outrigger -- give yourself or your family added safety.