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Ouzel 15-8
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Ouzel 15-8
Ouzel 15-8 is a very maneuverable and dry-running canoe. It’s popular for whitewater
paddling, solo or tandem.
Outfitting includes Skid Strips #2601

#1801 Fixed-Seat Rowing Package converts a canoe into a lightweight fishing dinghy...

Ouzel 15-8 is a stable and sporty sailing canoe... An outrigger is a popular option.

Ouzel 15-8 with airfoil sail and outrigger is a super-stable sailer. The high-capacity 12.5-foot Outrigger easily supports an adult. With the 12.5-foot Outrigger, the canoe is virtually untippable...
The same outrigger, leeboard, trampoline, and rudder used for airfoil sailing provide an extra-stable fishing platform.