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Ouzel 15-8
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Ouzel 15-8
Martin L. Rand, Washington
"...My solo canoe trip on the Upper Blackwater River in Canada started at the headwaters where the river was no more than six inches deep and five feet wide and ended in a river as big as our Green River. I placed a great deal of trust in my Ouzel 15-8, and it never let me down. I paddled, lined, portaged, and dragged through all kinds of conditions. Several times I was sure I had done severe damage only to find a scratch or small depression. I am sure a canoe not made of Royalex® would have been put out of commission... I was pleased with its maneuverability, and even 17 miles of headwinds and whitecaps could not slow me with the use of a makeshift kayak paddle... My Ouzel proved to be a good wilderness companion..."

John Greengo, Digital Specialist Glazer's Camera Supply, Seattle
"...We chose an Ouzel 15-8 and installed a bicycle pedal/propeller drive -- the first pedal-powered boat to travel the 1200-mile length of the Mackenzie River to the Arctic Ocean. Loaded with 450 pounds of food, gear and the two of us, it had enough freeboard left to tackle the rapids of the river and the waves of the ocean.
We depended on the boat to get us through some of the most remote wilderness on the continent, and it came through like a champ!"

Dave Farkas, Washington
"...I just returned from a solo trip through the Bowron Lakes... my Ouzel performed very well in the different conditions I encountered. It is also quite a reasonable boat to portage... Earlier this summer, my wife and I went canoe camping on Ross Lake, and though the boat is not quite sixteen feet, the freeboard was fully adequate when the lake got windy...
I've also paddled some local rivers, and on all these trips the Ouzel has been a total pleasure -- easily my favorite of the three canoes I've owned..."