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Raven 17
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Raven 17

Michael Ryan, Washington
"...There were 20- to 30-knot headwinds and confused three- to five-foot waves along the Southeast shore of Mercer Island. I was rowing the 14-mile race course around the island in an open 17-foot canoe, and what began as a fun Sunday-morning race was now scary. If I could just make the southern tip of the island, I would turn and race with the waves back to the start/finish line I had left nearly two hours earlier... if I didn't swamp.

My Easy Rider Raven 17 Royalex® canoe slapped down hard against a breaker sending spray onto my back. The canoe was bucking like a bronc, yet held its course. As I rounded the southern tip of the island and began a fast surfing leg of the race, I felt relief. Finally looking down, I found the Raven had allowed only a few cups of water into the boat.
A cheering crowd of racers greeted me at the finish line. They fed me delicious, hot grilled sausage sandwiches. It was the 'Sausage Pull', the final race of the Sound Rowers' race season. I won first place in the canoe division. The other canoe entries either swamped or did not finish, but my Raven 17 came through the storm to a sweet victory..."

Andy Dappen, Water Test, Canoe Magazine
"Easy Rider's Raven, we thought of as an excellent all-around boat... The Raven's Royalex® hull makes for an almost industructible craft that is maintenance-free... Easy Rider does a good job of reinforcing wear and stress areas to produce a boat which is durable... Its shallow V-hull allows it to track well... Also, the canoe goes on edge easily and can pivot quickly on the side rocker making it surprisingly maneuverable in the river. We enjoyed playing with the boat in rapids, shooting rocky passages you'd steer clear of in a glass boat... The seats are placed closer amidships than in most boats. This gives the bow person ample leg room and helps reduce the sternman's need to rudder... Features include attractive, aluminum decks, which provide a good hold for handling the boat...
This canoe, with its substantial cargo capabilities, is a good day tripper, but opens the door to longer cruises. Its durability makes it much safer on the river than glass boats. The Easy Rider is also a versatile craft for non-paddling. If you're interested in a canoe you can row with a fixed seat (for fishing), row with a sliding seat (for exercise) or sail (to avoid exercise), the manufacturer can equip the Raven to accommodate your needs."