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Cormorant CR 2G
Tatoosh CR 2G

Cormorant CR 2G
Multi-Use Single Seater

Tatoosh CR 2G
Multi-Use Double Seater

Harpoon R
High Performance Single

Heron 17 R
Solo or Double Trainer

Rowing Craft (Overview)
Multi-Use Versatility
Rowing, Paddling, Sailing
Rowing for Fun & Fitness
Rowing with a sliding seat - as crew racers do - is rated as the #1 exercise for the whole body... When rowing vigorously, you burn more calories than with any other activity, without exhausting yourself. And, unlike jogging, it's easy on knees.

Distances that are too long to paddle are covered effortlessly with oars. Rowing also gives a full-body workout while you enjoy the tranquility and meditative benefits of being on the water. And by concentrating on the beauty of your surroundings, you relax your body, calm your mind, and relieve everyday tensions. Or how about trolling for a morning catch while doing your daily exercise...

Easy Rider's Recreational Rowing Shells
Multi-Use Versatility. Row, paddle, or sail – conversion between modes is quick and easy.
Easy Launching. In contrast to nimble racing shells requiring a launching platform close to the water's surface, our boats can be launched just about anywhere.
Stability. Hands-off stability allows the rower to let go of the oars, stretch, relax, put on a jacket...
Seaworthiness. Our recreational shells are dry running and suitable for off-shore rowing in choppy water.
Safety. Optional outriggers greatly enhance the open-water safety. They let the novice rower progress faster and allow persons of any age and ability to enjoy the sport of rowing.