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Scout 13
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In experienced hands, the Scout 13 turns into a sporty whitewater canoe.

“The Scout’s maneuverability and overall sportiness enabled me to win the race and become Northwest Champion in the men’s solo open-canoe class...”
Larry Jamieson, WA

Catalogs & video present detailed information on this model and its many options.

Scout 13

Charles Bellia, Washington
"I just wanted to thank you for opening the door to a whole new world of outings and adventures for Debbie, Daniel, Michael and myself. We have enjoyed our Scout 13 immensely during the past summer months and have already explored many quiet waters previously inaccessible to us.
I guess my life has become so complex that the simplicity of the Scout came as a refreshing reprieve!
I like being able to cartop, carry and launch it solo. What I like most of all is being able to explore shallow, glassy coves where power boats and jet skis refuse to permeate... The other day I paddled with Daniel and Michael through the Arboretum to pick blackberries. The guys got more berries on their faces than in the container, but we had a wonderful inner-city adventure!
I'm looking forward to many happy years of paddling with my kids. Thanks for making it so simple!"
Dick Schusler, WA
"I did not expect to have so much fun sailing the little Scout. With the Spinnaker raised, a tail wind pushed the boat along at two to three miles an hour. A paddle became unnecessary save to steer the boat. Found myself skimming along effortlessly, totally relaxed, smiling all the while...”
Charles H. Trost, Idaho
“... I have thoroughly enjoyed my little Scout. It is the perfect machine for one person... I have gotten spoiled by the double-bladed kayak paddle...”