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Sea Hawk CRX 2G

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Sea Hawk CRX 2G

Jim Ratz, Director, NOLS Alaska

"The Sea Hawks performed remarkably well on our Aleutian Kayak Expedition. They were easy to pack and carried heavy, bulky loads with ease. They seemed to ride higher than the other boats on the trip, and the paddlers were spared the drenchings the rest of us suffered on windy days...
The Easy Rider rudder system is the most reliable and best designed I've seen on the market. The tension on the control ropes is easy to adjust, even while sitting in the cockpit at sea. The pull-pin feature allows fast removal of the rudder assembly -- it's great!"

Roger Straus Photography, New York

"...I’ve been meaning to write to you for longer than I like to admit to thank you for my boat. My Sea Hawk is a continual souce of pleasure. Every ride reminds of its superb design and flawless construction. Gratefully, Roger”