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“...What we have here is a little canoe to get a sportsman on the water in difficult-to-reach places.“

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Canoe & Kayak Magazine Test Report
"...It's a simple and clean-looking craft. The black anodized gunwale has virtually no outside lip, fasteners are either hidden or color matched, and the composite end caps are perfectly fitted. Under the end cap, a raised rib makes a most comfortable carrying handle... The Sweetheart hull is quite rigid because of the core construction... The core is carried via a wide rib to the gunwale line along the side, so the entire boat is quite stiff...
If paddled in a kneeling position with a canoe paddle, the Sweetheart will dance to any tune your paddle can play... When a paddler is seated on the portable cane seat, it gives a stable, comfortable ride using a double-bladed paddle... Sweetheart moves right along and is really fun to turn. It spins quickly... What we have here is a little canoe to get a sportsman on the water in difficult-to-reach places. It's a real Sweetheart, all right: cuddly to carry and stable... a Sweetheart of a deal..."

Gene Galipeau, Washington
"A Note of Thanks! – This is the start of the fifth season for my Sweetheart. It has turned out to be a real hit with me, my kids and friends, and is just the right size/weight combination. Sweetheart is easy to transport and works well for one or two people. New canoeists like the stability, and experienced paddlers have used it in light whitewater and found it quite sporty.
By the way, I've impressed people when they find me paddling on lakes up to a mile hike-in.
This is the canoe I take when I can take only one. And when more than one boat goes, the Sweetheart gets the most use. Thanks for a real Sweetheart!"