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Tatoosh Rowing

Tatoosh CR 2G

Removable bucket seats; rudder line lock for rowing; self-centering foot-control rudder; quick-adjustable foot pedal with replaceable toe plates; adjustable footrest for the bow paddler; deck moldings for Airfoil & Spinnaker Sails and for Outriggers; vinyl trim.

The CR–System

Easy Rider's exclusive CR-System
(Outriggers, Catamarans, Airfoil & Spinnaker Sails)
is described on pages 8 through 17 of our KAYAK catalog.

Our 2G Tatoosh features special deck moldings on the
cockpit flange for attaching the outrigger poles.

Popular Options: #1706 Oarmaster Rowing Sliding Seat &
Graphite Oars;
#0806 Hardtop Cover; #1902 Downwind Spinnaker