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Our Downwind Spinnaker
#1902 is a popular
option for the Tatoosh.
When not in use, the Spinnaker Sail stows underneath elastic deck

Catalogs & video present detailed information on this model and its many options.

Tatoosh CR 2G – Sailing
Multi-Use Double Seater: Rowing - Paddling - Sailing
Outrigger, Catamaran, and Sailing Options

Outfitting includes:
#2003 Airfoil Sail 32 sq. ft.
#2005 Leeboard Large
#2032 Outrigger 10 ft. HV
#2039 Outrigger Parts
#2051 Trampoline
Tatoosh CR 2G is a fast and seaworthy sailer. Attach a high-performance Airfoil Sail, and you have one of the finest sailing kayaks – without the burdens associated with big boats...

Choice of Outriggers. An outrigger transforms any paddlecraft into a stable, almost untippable rig. A rig to which you can attach performance airfoil sails and from which you can fish, swim, snorkel, sunbathe. A rig which provides immeasurable security when crossings take you miles from shore, squalls surprise you out in open water, or rip tides froth at your boat.

Optional Rigid Platform #2208W. Use the rigid platform in combination with our soft Trampoline #2051. Place it on top of the trampoline in between the outrigger poles -- it'll stay firmly in place. An extra storage area for fishing or scuba gear and a solid base for a passenger to ride along.

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